Consumers are often confused about what insurance covers and what it doesn’t.  Property Casualty 360 helps demystify some of the myths.

Red cars cost more to insure – red cars are flashy and flashy cars cost more to insure.  However, the color of the car has no bearing on premium determination.

Vandalism and weather damage are covered by auto insurance – to insure you are covered for these perils, you should opt for collision plus comprehensive coverage.

The elderly pay more for insurance. Not so, actually the elderly can pay less than younger policyholders.  Premiums decrease as we age and some carriers offer senior discounts.

Homeowners insurance covers everything.  However, Homeowners policies have a lot of exclusions and you should talk to the agency about those exclusions and might consider a property rider.

Homeowners insurance covers flooding – A traditional homeowners policy will cover certain water damage depending on how the loss occurs.  Flooding caused by a storm or hurricane is typically not covered.  Here is where flood insurance comes in.  Talk to us about a flood policy especially if you are in a flood zone.  Not sure if you are, let us help.

Damage by pests is covered – Most standard homeowners insurance policies do not cover damage caused by pests.  However, there might be coverage for pest infestation under the act of vandalism coverage.

So you can see, what you think is covered might not necessarily be so, and what you thought isn’t covered might actually be.

That’s where we come in as your agency.  Ready to answer your questions, and based on your needs provide you with the customized coverage just right for you.

Source: Property/Casualty 360, Insurify