According to a recent article in NU Property Casualty 360, they reviewed the six ways to save money on insurance for teens.

Our favorite line is – “teenagers – those kids in adult bodies”.  How true!

Take a look at what they found:

  • Good student discount – for students who do well in school.
  • Away home discount – college students who move away from home, can sometimes qualify for car insurance discounts.
  • Safe driving programs – driver’s ed is a must for young drivers, and upon proof, they can qualify for a discount.
  • Using a monitoring app or device – teens can qualify for discounts sharing their driving telematics with carriers.
  • Multi-car discounts – adding a vehicle to a household auto policy can provide discounts for multiple vehicles by some carriers.
  • Ask for other options – each carrier offers different discounts.

We will be glad to review your options when insuring a teen driver.  Give us a call.

Source:  Property/Casualty 360