If you are working from home, here are six tips to help you do so securely.

  1. Create a safe space – make sure that people cannot view your computers for sensitive information.  Always use password protection or biometrically secured devises.
  2. Establish barriers between work and home devises – whenever possible use distinct devises to conduct work.  The perfect solution is utilizing work devices to conduct work activities.
  3. Use a secure VPN and virtualization – this provides solid encryption.  Remote logins should be multifactor authentications.  Also make sure that your Wi-Fi networks are secure, and router access is password protected.
  4. Reinforce security policies – Make sure that all employees are familiar with company security practices.  Conduct refresher training frequently and if using video conferencing that proper protocols are in place.
  5. Consider software updates – Insure that you know how to remote access to install and maintain security updates.  
  6. Put a backup plan in place – Establish secure cloud backups for all work conducted by home workers.  As part of your IT procedures, put a regular, secure backup process in place.

Follow these tips to keep you and your business secure while workers are working from home.

Source: Property/Casualty 360