Millions of Americans are working at home, holding virtual meetings, educating their children, and communicating with family and friends.  But are you exposing yourself to the latest scams.

According to ID Shield, who are tracking spammers.  These five scams seem to be experienced throughout the United States.

  • Impersonating health care professionals – Beware of emails claiming to come from health professionals along with links.  Do not click on any link.  Only use official websites if you want more personal health information.
  • Fake work-at-home jobs– Beware of emails asking for your personal information, SSN, and bank accounts.
  • Stimulus check scams– Emails requesting account credentials in order to deposit stimulus checks.  
  • Donation/charity scams– Do your research to make sure you are picking a legitimate charity.  Beware emails that demand you pay only with cash, money order, or gift cards.
  • Virus-fighting product claims– Avoid products that specifically claim to be effective against the coronavirus.  There are no approved products to treat or prevent the virus, so beware.

Take care when opening emails and protect yourself by watching for these scams.

Source:  BenefitsPro