Weather has a definite impact on your home.  March typically signifies the start of destructive spring weather patterns, such as hail, tornadoes, wind, and lightning according to HVAC Investigators.  Over $2 billion in damages have been paid out by insurers.

This March has seen significant increases in catastrophic weather activity.  

What can you do to protect your home from strong winds?

According to The Weather Channel here are some quick tips:

Be aware of potential threats.

Walk your perimeter looking for broken fences, loose branches or crumbling roof singles. Consider moving any trees that are close to your home.  

Keep your appliances grounded.  

Make sure outside furniture and appliances are tied down and secure.  Patio furniture, barbeques, sporting equipment, and even your garden shed. These objects can be anchored down by bolts to the ground with cables or chains.

Cover your door and windows.

Consider  installing steel or aluminum storm shutters.  This will protect your windows from shattering in case flying objects hit your glass, or from opening if they are hit by strong gusts of winds.

Secure your roof.

Strong winds can damage your shingles, making your home vulnerable to rain and leaks, but homes with metal roofing also face the danger of entire panels being torn away.  Make sure you secure any metal roofing parts to bind them down with screws and bolts.

Ensure your garage door is in good condition.

A home has four weak spots that are vulnerable to strong weather conditions: the roof, windows, doors, and garage.  Make sure that your garage door can withstand a windstorm.

Take these precautions and reduce the risk of damage from high winds and hail.

Let us take a look at your homeowners coverage to make sure that you have the right coverage to ensure you have the protection you need against these perils.