To keep your business compliant in 2019, here are ten regulatory issues to watch out for:

  • Sexual Harassment Prevention - EEOC is expected to continue heightened enforcement of sexual discrimination claims this year as a results of the #MeToo movement.  
  • Paid Leave - Additional states and cities are expected to join more than 40 states and local jurisdictions that enacted paid leave laws, including sick days as well as paid family leave laws.
  • Federal Support for Retirement Savings -Department of Labor and Treasury propose regulations to ease the burdens small businesses face in offering retirement savings plans, as a result of President Trump’s executive order.  
  • Faster Payments and the GIG Economy - GIG workers might see immediate payments as implementation of technology enables faster payments for all workers gains further transaction this year.
  • Privacy/security - Cyber security continues to be a critical issue.  Employers are encouraged to conduct security and privacy employee training.  Emphasis should be on securing all data as well as implement shredding, if you haven’t already done so.
  • Form W-4 Changes - An updated W-4 form is expected to include extensive changes based on the 2017 tax reform law.  States are also expected to modify their own withholding processes based on the federal changes.
  • State Health Care Reform - States are expected to determine how they will support Affordable Care Health Insurance in response to the removal of the federal individual mandate penalty.  
  • IRS Enforcement of Employer Shared Responsibility (ESR) - IRS to mail 226J letters with preliminary calculations for ESR Payments. 
  • Impactful rulemaking from the Department of Labor - Labor Department is releasing its revised overtime regulations.  The agency will update and define regular rate of pay which includes payroll, human resources, and benefits.
  • National Labor Relations Board to set Joint Employer Standard through Rulemaking - Board is ready to release its final rule defining joint employer status under the National Labor Relations Act.

As we find out more about these watches, we will provide you with additional information and what you have to do to protect your small business owner.

Source: Property/Casualty 360